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Saturday, October 2, 2010

TESTED: Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat on EEEPC 4G

You can download it from here: Choose the netbook edition. Create a Live CD using the Ubuntu Startup Disk Creator or Unetbootin onto a 1 GB USB thumbdrive or SD card. Restart your computer then run the Live CD to install the new Ubuntu 10.10.
If you have the Ubuntu 10.04 ( Lucid Lynx ) installed then all you have to do is press alt+F2 then type ¨update-manager -d¨ without the quotes then press run. Update Manager will appear and tell you ¨New Distribution Release 10.10 is available, just click upgrade and follow the on-screen instructions. By the way you need to have 1.2 GB free on your hard drive to be able to upgrade.

Install the following after you run the Update Manager:

VLC : for playing all kinds of videos and music
UBUNTU RESTRICTED EXTRAS : for Java, Flash Plugin, Microsoft Fonts, other codecs, etc.
UBUNTU TWEAK : tweaking the system
GOOGLE CHROME/CHROMIUM : as an alternate browser

Tested it with my own Asus EEEPC 4G. It works out of the box.

But if you´re afraid of encountering bugs then you should just stick with your current system.


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uh-huh said...

I'm doing it! So far so good. Problem is, I have to go mobile to find the wifi which is hard on batteries. In Gentoo you're allowed to "fetch" the pkg files and compile them later. It saves a lot of juice. Is there a 'buntu method to do the same thing?

I liked Gentoo but for some reason Firefox and Chromium were really sloooow. I mean they would crash whenever you clicked something. Couldn't find a remedy so I turned to Maverick-Netbook which, so far, doesn't have that problem. Apparently the kernel has extra support for the particular hardware on the 900A.

Me said...

You can download .deb files and install them after offline using deb package installer. Problem is if your dependencies are not met then it will search in your source list for those dependencies and need to download them.

Me said...

you could also try this method from ubuntu forums:

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