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Sunday, December 26, 2010

WallArt Transforms Your Ubuntu Desktop Background

Have you ever wondered how you can have a personal desktop background using your own pictures an a slideshow?

There is an available background in Ubuntu which is Cosmos. This uses a script to give a slideshow of the pictures inside the Cosmos folder. You could do it the hard way by replacing all the pictures and renaming it with the names used by the Cosmos script. I've tried that and lost interest halfway through. I had a lot of pictures to put so it takes a lot of time to rename all of them and include it in the script, one by one.

You can do it the easy way with the use of a script made by James named "WallArt". This allows you to install the script and choose where you want to get the pictures to be used as background. It can get random pictures from or use your own set of wallpapers. This is a new script. He just made this yesterday. You can get the WallArt script from this link:

http ://

If you chose to have your personal wallpapers, then all you have to do is copy the pictures to your /home/user/wallpapers. Then you will have your pictures shown as a slideshow on your desktop background. I've tried it and it's that simple. Enjoy.


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